Education on Skin

There are so many different skin types and we want YOU to help us. Skintasy is a small company and all of our profit is going back into research and development. We are interested in developing products that are going to be created based off of our customer's input. We have created a special program and we want you to submit your skin story and photo here.

There are many rules with skincare but we want to keep it simple, and as we grow our products, we will continue to provide education on different skin conditions.

Currently, we are working on topics such as mature skin, dry skin, acne prone skin, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. 

Some things to note:

  1. New skincare and purging. Purging means you can breakout before your skin starts getting clear. This is caused by the products speeding up skin turnover. Skin will renew itself about once a month. In about 6-8 weeks your skin should stop purging from the new skincare line. You have to allow 2-3 months for your skin to get used to the new skincare products.

  2. With any new products it is important to check ingredients for any potential allergies. It is also important to do a patch test prior to using products. (Patch test: Place a small amount of the new product on the bind of your elbow or any other sensitive area of your body; leave for 24 hours. This patch test will show if you are allergic to any of the plant ingredients in our products. Discontinue use of any products that may cause allergic reactions.)

  3. Use products that have quality ingredients and non-harsh chemicals.