If you have acne prone skin, it is extremely important to be aware of potential pore clogging ingredients in cosmetic, skincare, and hair care products prior to use. There are products that are advertised to help clear acne prone skin, or state that they are non comedogenic, but in reality still contain pore clogging ingredients. As a general rule of thumb, you want to check any and all products you are using, or are considering using on your face and hair, to include toothpaste and lip balms, etc., even if it’s from a brand you are familiar with.
To check your products for pore clogging ingredients, do an internet search of the specific product, and locate the ingredients list. Copy the ingredients and then paste them into our ingredient checker box below. If your product contains pore clogging ingredients, they will be listed below the box in red. If your product is clear of pore clogging ingredients, then nothing will be listed below the box, and your product is good to go!

Pore-clogging Ingredients present in your composition: